Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Live from my Scraproom!!!

My wonderful husband has my network up and running! So, now it will be much easier to blog and attach projects! I'm so happy and I will take pictures of my scrap space once I clean up from Cricutville!


My daughter wanted me to make a building - so I made her a town! Using my new scraproom is great - but I don't have internet access up there, so posting this is much harder than it should be!!!!!!!!!!! It is so frustrating to run up and down the stairs, and my wireless network won't work either. I need to beg hubby to do something and fast! Enjoy my new town and cross your fingers that I have internet soon!

Cricutville Instructions:
1. Collect one box for each building you would like to create. I used various cracker and cereal boxes found in my pantry.
2. Measure each box and using Design Studio enlarge each My Community building to the correct size of your box. To make gluing easier, I made my buildings the width of the box, which meant that some decorative elements (such as roofs, and trim pieces) hang over the edge of the box.
3. Install Cricut marker into cutting mechanism and then hit the scissor button to draw on your building first. Then remove the Cricut marker and carefully install the cutting blade. I always keep a finger on the grey housing to make sure that it stays in place when changing from markers to blades. Cut the design again and when finished remove from mat.
5. Lay building onto box, and if desired, mark where door openings should be.
6. Using razor, cut on marks and bend to open doors.
7.. Glue building onto box, and use blue paper where needed at the top of some buildings to create sky to fill in blank areas.
8. If you created doors, open and punch holes in them to create doorknobs. Then attach brads though the punched holes for your knobs.
9. Attach Velcro to sides of buildings so they can stick together and be easily rearranged.
10. Create townspeople. Each person in my town measures 3 inches. The pattern for the people can be found on my blog. http://christyscricutcreations.blogspot.com/ Cut each person out in desired skin tones, and then cut clothing in a variety of colors. I cut the clothing using red, black, yellow, light blue, dark blue, purple, pink, and white. When removing the clothing from the mat I used a separate tray for each person as not to get the little pieces mixed up. I then assembled each person using the color options in the tray. Use marker to accent people as indicated by cut lines.
11. Once townspeople are assembled, laminate for stability.
12. Attach townspeople to buildings using clear hook and loop tape.
13. Enjoy your new town.

People .Cut files are at http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?t2mtjmwjfma